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At You're Not Alone The Jonathan Wagner Benzodiazepine Awareness Foundation Our goal is to provide therapy guided support sessions for anyone suffering from benzodiazepine withdrawals as well as a network of support for families of the victims of benzodiazepine and Suicide

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Jonathan Wagner Benzodiazepine Awareness Foundation

From the Family

Jonathan was our beloved son. After switching shifts at work, he was having trouble sleeping. After consulting with his general practitioner, the doctor prescribed him Klonopin, a powerful benzodiazepine, to help him sleep. The benzo caused worsened sleep habits along with panic attacks, depression, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia and the list of withdrawals goes on. When he reported his symptoms to his GP, he was prescribed even more benzos, which caused him to spiral into severe anxiety and depression.  We had nowhere to turn for help. He wasn't and addict. He didn't suffer prior depression. His doctor never made him aware, or maybe wasn't aware himself, of how quickly the body can become dependent on these powerful drugs, Or of the debilitation and possibly deadly effects that benxodiazepines can cause.

His life was turned into a battle with his brain to stay alive from this medicine, a battle he did not win

Help Resources

Medical professionals ready to help

Catherine M. Pittman, Ph.D., HSPP

Professor and Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Saint Mary's College

Notre Dame, Indiana

Dr Pittman is willing to help with any question or concerns about Benzo's. Please allow her time to answer your question as she is busy with teaching

Dr Catherine M. Pittman spoke at the  9th annual Indiana Attorney General Drug Symposium about the dangers of Benzo's

Attached is her Presentation.

Help Resources

Medical professionals ready to help

    * Charles Wood, MS Licensed Clinical            Professional Counselor



Help Resources

Medical professionals ready to help

              Doctor Andrew Pundy MD                             Psychiatry

              Park Ridge Il.



              Doctor Pundy helps with                               Benzodiazepine Recovery



Awareness Information 

You're Not Alone has accomplished starting an Awareness Information for anyone that is or has been effected by Benzodiazepine and Suicide.

We are here to Provide awareness for individuals and families living with the Benzodiazepine nightmare and suicide of our loved ones.

We are in the process of restructuring our support system.  We are looking for professionals to speak on the dangers of Benzodiazepines and the effects of withdrawals.

Articles and Resources

 Article or relevant publication with a link to the original. 

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What your doctors won’t tell you about benzo withdrawal

Five (5) facts about benzodiazepine withdrawal (you need to know)

This is the message Cass left for her friends.  These are her own words, unedited.

Is Your Doctor Getting Drug Kickbacks?

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Chris Cornell's family file lawsuit

Yes, Benzos Are Bad for You
So easy to start, so hard to stop.

Operation Combat Bikesaver/Helping Vets

Did you Know

Benzodiazepines (also called “benzos”), a powerful mind altering drug. Commonly prescribed benzos include Xanax, Klonopin, Valium and Ativan. Benzodiazepines can cause damage to the nervous system and the withdrawal symptoms from benzos are devastating and life-destroying, causing symptoms that last for months, even years, including ideation of suicide.


Suddenly stopping using benzodiazepines can be dangerous. You should get professional help and withdraw gradually if you have been using /prescribed benzos regularly or using high doses of them.
FDA recommends that benzos only be prescibed for two to four weeks, many doctors prescibe them on an ongoing basis.



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Fundraiser August 2018

  You're Not Alone Jonathan Wagner Benzodiazepine Awareness Foundation emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the victims, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words. 

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